The Wall – chicago

This magnicent furniture piece was created breaking the rules of gravity and design. personies design without borders and limitations – only a ight of imagination and the most innovative German technologies that allow to make any dream, even the most unrealistic design concept, into reality.





 The modern history of technological change has significantly

influenced library culture. Preserving books for future

generations is more important today than ever.




 That’s why The Wall has been designed to create a luxurious,

stylish yet innovative and dynamic look. The Wall’s non-binary 

style will magically complement both modern and traditional spaces. 





 This sophisticated furniture design concept is
based on the beloved design classic of
all time – framed wooden doors.The door fronts are
twisted to create the look of levitating cabinets.






The top door panel in solid wood rises with a remote

control to reveal a hidden bar.An upright replace built
into into this marvelous bookshelf adds warmth
to the ambiance of the entire room.




The Wall by BT45 will definitely become the focal
point of your home, whether you entertain your
guests by mixing your special drinks at the bar
or snuggle up by the replace with a book.




We created this master piece to revive
the reading culture and preserve the book culture
for the future generations.